Friday, January 4, 2013

Adaptations and Bird Beak activity

I still remember talking about adaptations in my Biology class in 9th Grade (Miss Cooper--she was SO great): we spent one class period crawling around the floor trying to grab things with different types of bird beaks. I wanted to do something similar as we talked about adaptations, and this site here had a lesson plan with lots of ideas. I modified them slightly, but the idea is simple enough: you try to pick up different types of food with different types of tools in order to see how adaptations can help a species prosper. We thought it was really fun.

Again, there are lots of resources for this sort of thing. I can't find my source, but I did use this worksheet
for Malachi. (It was too simple for the older boys---I had a couple other different, more complex, ones for them---here is one.) I've been trying to have Malachi start filling in very simple assignments like this now that he is 5 and getting closer to kindergarten. (I suppose we'll call next year his kindergarten year.) He really likes being able to write in answers like this!

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