Friday, January 11, 2013

Bird Nest Cookies and Bird Matching Game

Practically every Bird Unit I looked at online had a Bird-Nest Cookie or Bird-Nest snack associated with it. I wasn't planning to make any of them because I don't really love no-bake cookies (I prefer to save my stomach space for really GOOD cookies, so I never bother with ones I consider mediocre) and most of them were those chocolate-coconut no-bake kind, or the ones you make with chow mein noodles. But on our last day, we didn't have an activity to do, and the boys were asking if we could cook something, and then I ran across a recipe for making macaroons (not to be confused with macarons) into bird-nests. I've never made macaroons before but I like them pretty well, so we decided to give it a try.

Here is the recipe. It's an easy one. These would be good with melted chocolate drizzled on top, or for Easter. I wouldn't make them instead of . . . any other cookie, really, but if you want bird-nests, they're great. :)

And by happy coincidence, I had a bag of Easter M&Ms (yes, from last Easter season) in the pantry, so we even had robins'-egg-colored eggs.

A good kindergarten-age activity that Malachi really enjoyed was this matching game. (We also played memory game with these same pages cut up, with the older boys.) It's just the sort of thing he feels proud of himself for being able to do. 
He's been going around wearing this one pink glove lately. No one knows why.

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