Monday, January 7, 2013

Some interesting bird videos

I never imagined there were so many interesting birds! Seeing these videos of them just made them memorable to us in a way reading about them alone didn't. Usually we'd read about a bird in a book (e.g. "The blue-footed booby has a very distinctive mating dance") and then we'd look up that same bird on YouTube to see if we could see it in action ourselves. We had to watch lots of the videos several times over so we could laugh at the birds' funny antics and notice every little detail of their behavior.

Laughing kookaburra. Have you heard one of these? So cute!

Satin bowerbird. This was the children's favorite. They think the bird stealing the blue straw and then setting off the car alarm is HILARIOUS.

Peacock display. We have seen a peacock doing this!

Frigate bird and Sage grouse. These guys both inflate their air sacs during courtship. Very weird and funny. It was new to me to learn about the air sacs birds have in addition to their lungs. How fascinating!


Eagle swooping down

Another eagle

Blue-footed booby. So funny.

Slow-motion bird videos---some of these are cool

Goshawk flying through a tiny hole. Really amazing! The slow-motion parts are the best.

Lyrebird imitating construction sounds. Hilarious (we especially like it when he imitates people talking---that's what we sound like to him!)

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