Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aviary Field Trip

The aviary has "Winter Wednesdays" (we went last year too) where admission is only $1 each, which is about the right price for it. If you're willing to bundle up it's really fun. And we were lucky because it was quite a warm day---38 degrees or so---compared to the temperatures in the teens (and below) we'd been having the whole week earlier. There aren't a ton of birds, but there are enough to make it fun. We love the bald eagle and the toucan and the peacocks. Last year (it was early March) we saw flamingos too, but I suppose it was too cold for them this time.

It was pretty snowy, but the walks were mostly clear, and it was sunny.

So many ducks! They were really loud. What are ducks always so mad about?

Gratuitous pictures of Junie biting her finger


Oh, this little Birdie-boy is so cute! He was SO happy about all these ducks. He said he saw them smiling at him. :)

Toucan and toucan

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