Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Game Design Final Projects

Here are the finished games from the Game Design Unit! The children were so pleased with their creations, and I was amazed at what they were able to accomplish! Abe's game, above, has you trying to climb up to the top of a pyramid using "rope" cards of various types. You can be helped or hindered by other players using "power" cards. He really thought the game out and made a lot of improvements throughout the process, and he was meticulous in his crafting of the game board and the game cards. I love the final result!

Abe's cute game pieces (made from baked polymer clay)

Daisy couldn't bear to be left out, so she made her own little "game" and game pieces. I love that little pink die! (In fact, I made that little pink die!) She and Junie had fun just rolling the die and moving around on the game board, no rules necessary. :)

Seb's game is a maze that has a different start and finish spot each time you play it. You collect treasure as you go through the maze. There are portals that can move you across the board in one jump, but you have to make sure you land on enough spaces to collect the available treasure. It's really fun! His written instructions are clear and concise too, which is no easy thing to accomplish. And I love the way his game board turned out. He had a vision of what he wanted it to look like and he did a great job realizing that vision!

Malachi's colorful game is so cute, and you never quite play it the same way twice. He worked so hard painting his game board and shaping his little game pieces, and thinking out the complicated backstory of the game! I love it.

I think my favorite part is seeing the children playing their games together and having such fun doing it. I hope they will have good memories of these times and that they will enjoy playing their games for many years to come!

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