Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sheep Brain Dissection

We got a chance to see a lot of the structures we'd learned about when we dissected this sheep's brain! I got it here (totally worth getting the kit as opposed to just the brain, as it comes with a disposable scalpel and I would have DIED if I had to use one of my kitchen knives!), and it said they used some improved process of preservation so the formaldehyde smell wouldn't be so strong, but, formaldehyde is formaldehyde I guess. Whew. It is not a smell I enjoyed being reminded of; it brings back fetal pig dissections and cadaver labs from my high school days, which I was always interested in but also sick to my stomach during. However! We are made of sterner stuff these days, so we soldiered on. Abe did the honors:
while the rest of us looked on with great interest.
That dura mater really is durable! It was hard to slice through.

We were excited to observe so many of the things we'd seen in books, including the clear difference between grey and white matter,

And several of the inner structures. The cerebellum is my favorite. It's so neatly lined and cauliflowery!

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