Friday, July 18, 2014

Boston Tea Party Re-enactment

We had great fun re-enacting the Boston Tea Party! The children were delighted when they learned how unlike our previous tea party this one was going to be! First we made Mohawk Indian headbands to wear as disguises. Then the children sneaked out as quietly as possible, onto the British Tea Ship in the Boston Harbor (the back porch). 

I (representing the British war ships floating not far away) was out in the back yard, keeping a sharp eye out and ready to fire my cannons if there was trouble!
The Sons of Liberty found a great many chests---342, to be precise---full of tea sitting on the merchant ship. (I found a bunch of fallen leaves in a park nearby and gathered bags and bags of them to use as tea leaves!) 
Working quickly and silently [or not-so-silently---our Sons of Liberty proceeded with much giggling and whispering], they emptied all the tea out of the chests---right into Boston Harbor!
When every last tea chest was empty, the Sons of Liberty turned out their pockets (to show they weren't concealing any tea) and filed off the ship one by one. What a daring act of provocation toward the British!

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