Monday, July 7, 2014

Revolutionary War Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

Hello! It has been a lovely summer and I'm finally ready to post about our Revolutionary War Unit! We started this unit at the end of June and finished at nearly the end of August--it would have been over a couple weeks sooner but with the usual scout and choir camps, 4-H club meetings (the children do summer 4-H Club with their cousins and grandma), and holidays, it stretched out a bit longer. As is my custom, I'll be back-dating this unit to align more with when we were actually doing things.

We loved learning about the Revolutionary War! There was so much to learn and discuss. We were all sad to see it come to an end.

A few links to general information:

These lesson plans are wonderful--there are 6 of them dealing with the Revolutionary War. We used some of her ideas, but it was helpful to read through her lessons even when I didn't use them specifically. Here is the first one, and there are links to the other 6 at the bottom of the linked page.

Here is my Pinterest board for this Revolutionary War Unit

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