Monday, July 28, 2014

Soldier Drills

I pretended I was Baron von Steuben helping the troops drill. For authenticity, I cursed at them in German. (Just kidding. I only wish I knew how to curse at them in German!) For the sake of even more authenticity, they really should have been wearing their tricornes and so forth, but it was SO hot outside!
Here are some commands you can use for drilling:

Attention – Hold musket up over shoulder
Parade rest – Hold musket down on ground in front of you
About face – Turn 180 degrees – Put one foot behind other and spin half way around
Right face – Turn 90 degrees to the right
Left face – Turn 90 degrees to the left
Mark time mark – March to the beat (“cadence”)
Forward march – March forward
By the right flank march – Follow the leader to the right
By the left flank march – Follow the leader to the left

Halt – stop

You can learn more about drilling soldiers (Civil War-focused) here.

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