Friday, July 11, 2014

Homemade Mob Caps

I thought about making tricornes for everyone, but then I found a great tutorial for making mob caps, so I made these for the little girls instead. They were too young to really be of much help (although they did help me trace circles on the fabric before cutting it out), so I just sewed the caps up myself, but an older child could certainly sew the casing and thread in the elastic, which is basically all there is to it. I think they turned out so cute! They gather up quite a bit so don't be afraid that the circles look big when you start. The tutorial recommends 18-20 inches in diameter, and I did 18" for Daisy's cap (she is 4 years old), but I made the one for Junie (age 3) smaller in diameter--more like 16.5". It fits her okay, but it would have been fine at the bigger size, and left more space to grow. It's a bit shallow for her head as it is.

I didn't make a cap for baby Goldie (age 1) but she looked quite cute wearing Daisy's!

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