Saturday, July 14, 2012

Night photography

On Thursdays, when he can, Sam teaches a class for us, usually an art-related lesson related to our current unit. I really love participating in these classes myself, and of course the kids love having their Daddy teach them. This week Sam's class was Night Photography. Since none of the rest of us are photographers, it was sort of an Intro to Photography class too, with an emphasis on low-light situations.

We learned about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, which were all news to me. (He tries to teach me these things periodically but I always seem to forget. Hopefully this class will solidify it for me so I don't forget again!) We all got chances to practice and experiment with variations on these three settings. Sebby, especially, really got into it.

In fact, a few days later, he was still setting up this photo studio and making his (reluctant) siblings pose in it. :)

The best thing, though, was our night field trip. We went to a park with our cameras and tripod and used what we'd learned to take night photos. The results were not amazing, but they were really fun to get (and we learned a lot).
Seb took this one

Sam taught us how to do "light-painting," which we loved

And we liked getting images like this, of ghost-Sebby

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