Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Night Sky

There are so many resources out there on the night sky (of which we only covered a fraction---we were focusing just on constellations this time) that I don't really feel like I need to add to them. I guess I will highlight this book as one of the very best---we loved his constellation drawings (MUCH easier to visualize and remember than any of the others we saw).

There are lots of fun activities and crafts to do; we'll try a new batch next time we study the night sky. This time we made up our own constellations with white-chocolate chips, made stargazers (fun), and learned The Constellation Song, which I remember fondly from my 2nd grade program. (I bought this whole album on iTunes and it is AWESOME; better than the [still fun but blatantly-anti-religion in some songs] They Might Be Giants remake. I learned most of the other songs in 2nd grade so I suppose I'm viewing it through a soft-filter of nostalgia, but my kids like it too.)

We were planning a trip to the observatory to wrap up the week, but unfortunately had cloudy skies. So instead, we got out these glowsticks that had been waiting around for the right time to be brought forth (I think I bought them for Christmas once and then forgot about them?). They are really fun---they change colors and have several different settings. The kids loved holding the glowsticks while wobbling around on their bikes like noisy little fireflies.

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