Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bird Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

Birds! This unit was in honor of Malachi, for his birthday, although it didn't actually take place over his birthday. There are SO many resources on birds as a lesson unit, it must be very popular. People like birds, I guess. And who can blame them? So do I! We'll do this again (maybe with more specificity) when the weather is warm sometime. There were lots of activities (like making bird feeders, or birdwatching walks) that just didn't seem fun in the cold. But luckily, there was also plenty of other stuff to do.

I thought the day on how birds fly was really interesting (I learned a lot preparing for it). Feathers are so cool! We looked at some different types under our magnifying glasses, and held them under water and so forth. It was one of our favorite things that we did. Abraham loved to ruffle up his feather and then smooth it back together (connecting up all those little barbicels again) like a preening bird.

This video is a good basic review of feathers. There were several good books from the library too (listed above).

Also (I'm not sure where this fits, exactly), this is a nice free (printable) coloring book with a whole bunch of different kinds of birds in it.

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