Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hoover Dam

I interrupt our Denmark Unit to bring you this special coverage of the Hoover Dam. Would you believe me if I said the boys were just as excited about going to the Hoover Dam as they were about going to Disneyland? Our trip to Flaming Gorge just whetted their appetites (the Flaming Gorge guide kept giving stats in relation to the Hoover Dam), so they'd been looking forward to it for a long time. Unfortunately, kids under 8 can't do the longer tour at the Hoover Dam, but we did get to see the powerhouse and everyone seemed content with that. Junie was extra heavy and squirmy and we hadn't brought the stroller, so Sam and I were definitely content with that!

Seb loved this huge wall diagram of the path of water through the powerhouse and dam. Probably because he has drawn many a similar diagram, in his day.
Tunnel toward the old diversion tunnel

The enormous penstock---we got to walk right over it

Powerhouse (Nevada side)---7 of the 15 enormous turbines

Intake towers
One of many re-constructions created after we got home (note powerlines coming out of powerhouse toward transformers)

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