Friday, December 7, 2012


I really love æbleskiver. The only trouble with them is that you have to have the æbleskiver pan (which I still don't---I borrowed my mom's---but someday I'll get one) but they are SO cute and fun to make. Some of the books I read called them little "donut balls," but they are really much more like pancake balls. I love every part of the process---the way you poke and turn them with a knitting needle or skewer, letting the inside batter spill out so they make these cute little pac-man shapes, the way they turn golden brown and spotted on the outside like little tigers, the way you can break them open and fill them with jam or lemon curd or nutella when you eat them, or roll them around in powdered sugar or syrup. Mmmm!

I'm trying to find the recipe I used this time. (I didn't have Nana's recipe handy.)  I think it was maybe this? It was one of the ones where you beat the egg whites separately. But I really like the pictures here.

Some books said these were a Christmas breakfast tradition, but I think they eat them anytime, like pancakes. WE will certainly eat them anytime!

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