Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Lucia Day

Lussekatter and hot cocoa. This makes me hungry!

We were lucky because Sam was working from home on Santa Lucia Day, so "Lucia" had someone to serve this breakfast to in bed. Daisy is too young to be much help, but the boys and I had fun making the buns together, and I'd rather eat at the table anyway. But yum! We will certainly make these every year. Recipe here.
We had a Lucia crown, but it was too heavy for this tiny girl.

She wore her paper one instead. And my mom whipped up this little dress for her in about an hour. That's the kind of sewing prowess I fear I'll never have. Luckily my mom is so sweet and generous about doing stuff like this (which I didn't even ask her to do, I just asked if I could borrow an angel costume, but the ones she had were too big for Daisy).

Aaa, she's so cute!

The procession prepares to . . . process? Proceed?
Junie feels that she should be a part of this, and inserts herself into the line.

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