Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper Lucia Crowns

Santa Lucia Day is really mostly a Swedish tradition, but the Danes have now adopted it too, and I've always loved it. I always wanted to dress up as Lucia in the white dress and red sash and candle crown. My mom says I did one time, but I don't remember it. 

After we learned about the history of Santa Lucia's life, we made paper Lucia crowns. (We left out the tray of eyeballs, a charming detail in some of her portraits! She is patron saint of the blind, among other things.)
To make these, you just cut out a bunch of leaf shapes in different colors, and a few little red berries. Then you cut out a strip of cardstock for a crown, and glue the leaves and berries on, and then put a ring of candles around the top. Easy. Our leaves look more like holly than lingonberry, but oh well. 

On Santa Lucia Day, boys get into the festivities by being "starboys" in the procession, but Seb and Ky were understandably more interested in the candle crowns than the starboy hats, so theirs became "Saint Luke" crowns instead. :)
Ky was a starboy, though.

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