Friday, February 15, 2013

Diapering contests

Abraham is the only one of the children that changes diapers for me currently (although no more diapers now! For a couple more months anyway! Hooray!) but I've thought for awhile that Sebastian is certainly capable of it. For when we get a babysitter outside the family, I've usually kept a pack of disposables on hand, and either of the older boys can handle those, but the cloth diapers are just a little trickier (more tucking and tugging required), so we needed some practice.

I used to use pins, but the Snappi is easier, and I'm more confident having the children use that.

And I have a couple diapers with snaps, so Malachi got to practice with those.

Of course the hardest part of diapering is doing it to a wiggling baby, but I felt like this was a useful exercise even on the stuffed animals. The boys did really well. And they liked having diapers on their animals; they thought it was cute. :) When the baby comes I will certainly put them to work---and I'll feel confident that they can do it!

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