Sunday, February 3, 2013

Videos about Nuclear Energy

There's a lot of good information about nuclear energy to be had. Along with a lot of bad information, naturally. :) Here are some of my favorite resources:

This a good video explaining pressurized water reactors

We thought this movie was great---a really good introduction to nuclear energy, how it works, and its benefits as a source of power. It's about an hour long and the older boys and I were fascinated the whole time. The Heritage Foundation does good work.

This is a pretty good list of links related to nuclear energy and its history

This is a good video by Ontario Power Generation. The Canadian accents are a bonus. The video briefly overviews nuclear, hydro, and coal-powered plants, so it's a good look at how similarly they work.

Another look at an Ontario power plant.

I think we watched all of these videos. We especially liked the one about mining, but they're all good. We (Abe and Seb and I, especially, though Ky watched some too) just couldn't get enough of this stuff. One afternoon after we watched the Heritage Foundation video, we started watching through all these other links, and before we knew it, five hours had passed and Sam was driving in from work and there was no dinner ready. We just love this type of thing.

Here's a tour of San Onofre power plant. We hope to visit this one someday, since I think it's relatively near my brother in California. I read that it's not running right now, though. Hopefully it will be again soon.

Here's a lady talking about her career as a nuclear reactors engineer for the Navy. It sounds fun.

This is really cool. It shows how they recycle spent nuclear fuel.

Some reactors under construction in Georgia.

We wish we could find out more about the current status of this project.

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