Sunday, February 17, 2013


I forgot to post about the day we talked about names. I LOVE learning about names, so this was really fun for me. (When I was about eight or ten, I remember just PORING over the baby-name pamphlet my mom had brought home from the hospital when she had me. It was not extensive at all, but I read and re-read it, underlining my favorites, naming my stuffed animals, and asking my mom which names she'd considered for me.)

For this unit we read through a bunch of baby-name books and talked about name meanings, origins, symbolism, and the different ways people might choose a name for their baby. And of course all the children wanted to hear over and over again about why and how we chose THEIR names and what they meant. They loved looking through name lists Sam and I made when we were expecting them (and our complicated rating systems, ha ha). I could discuss names all day, so I loved it too.

I told them they could make their own name lists however they wanted. It was funny to see how they went about it. Daisy (top left) spent a long time writing many complicated symbols, which she immediately and without hesitation read off to me for transliteration. Among her ideas: Octospider, Pencil, Plutey, Flimley, Delivery, and Ham the Astrochimp.

Sebby (top right) had all of our own names on his list, several common words (Nose, Binocular,  Gorge) and some more unconventional choices (Clawfat, Maundy, Ranos). He had "Coyote" on there, but my favorite was Coyoté---pronounced Ky-o-TAY. Fancy.

Malachi (bottom right) had his list divided under headings of girls and boys. He thinks the most beautiful name in the world, for a girl, is "Snowflake." He has wanted me to name the baby that for a long time now. He likes Flower, Butterfly, Bunny, and Baby Penguin too. For boys, he likes bird names (Robin and Warbler) as well as "Oktapus," Rocketship, and Mark ("or Marker, for the long-name").

Abe's list (bottom left) was a complicated, multi-page affair accompanied by symbols ("excellent," "No!", "needs thought," etc.) I think the top two that emerged after all that were Oberon for a boy and Hyacinth for a girl. He is very partial to "Doctor" (which is what he keeps begging me to name this baby) as well. He, being a thorough and order-loving boy, also left a space on his last page for "Actual name I chose for my baby." We'll see if he revisits and updates this list when he has babies of his own. :)


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