Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to fold Handkerchief Babies

On one of the days we were talking about babysitting, I taught the children how to make these little handkerchief babies my dad used to make for me in church. He always carried a handkerchief, and since most people don't anymore, maybe this isn't even a useful skill, but I've always had good memories of my dad making these babies, so I wanted to pass the knowledge on! They are supposed to be two little twins in a cradle. (We made this other kind of handkerchief baby during our pioneer unit---they are cute too, but they require some sewing. The handkerchief babies I'm talking about now are just folded, like origami.)

Here's how you make them:
1. Fold a handkerchief or bandana diagonally in half, into a triangle
2. Roll it up from one corner, stopping at the halfway point
3. Roll it up from the other corner to meet the first roll
4. Fold the rolled handkerchief in half from the top
5. From the top (pointed) corner, pull just one side apart from the other side
6. Keep pulling, not quite all the way
6. Flip it over---now the babies are "face down" in their cradle
7. Lean the babies back against their cradle so they are "face up." Nestle them in and rock them back and forth!

Here is Malachi sweetly rocking his little babies. :)


  1. adorable! If I can remember how do this, I can be a useful grownup in church :)

    1. Ha ha! That's right, you need to earn your keep. :)


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