Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circus Train craft

On the day we talked about specialty trains, we also made this Circus Train out of butter boxes. (We also watched a Circus Train episode from Extreme Trains---very cool.) Each child made their own train car (and Seb also made the locomotive). We just cut out squares from both sides of each butter box, then drew animals to put inside. Last, we taped on straws to make bars so the animals wouldn't get out!
We read Curious George Rides A Bike to remember what circus train cars look like (although in that book, they are actually trailers pulled by a truck, not train cars):
Circus Bear
Circus Birds
Circus Monkey and Snake
Circus Penguins (Daisy made these---the Daddy Penguin, on the right, is working at his computer and wearing headphones.)

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