Friday, March 14, 2014

Tunnels and Subway Trains

During our Architecture Unit, we deliberately didn't study tunnels---because I planned on covering them separately in another unit. Because there are so many important tunnels built especially for trains, this unit seemed like a natural time to focus on them.

We finally got to watch the last of the "Building Big" series---"Building Big: Tunnels"! We love David Macaulay and we love these movies. The website is good, too.

We also watched this documentary on the Channel Tunnel (the "Chunnel")

This movie we found at the library had information on the Chunnel, as well as other railway infrastructure (bridges, horseshoe curves, etc)

We studied subway trains and enjoyed this interactive map of the New York Subway (and what surrounds it!)
The boys made this underground tunnel using the "cut and cover" method

We also made "tunnel cake," which wasn't really made by any traditional tunneling methods, as the "tunnel" itself wasn't hollow, but peanut-butter-cake-filled. :) But it was delicious! We used our Sebby Cake recipe and made a peanut butter filling (much like this one that makes a peanut butter swirl in brownies---scroll down) for the "tunnel" inside. Yum!

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