Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ogden Railroad Museum and Model Train Festival Field Trip

We had a great time riding FrontRunner to Ogden, in spite of it being a cold and rainy day. The Model Railroad Festival is up at Ogden's old Union Station once a year (you can find information about it at that link when it gets close---it's always the first weekend in March, I think, but they have other festivals sometimes too). It's crowded and it costs $5 to get in, but children under 12 get in free.

(Here's a video we watched before we went, about the largest model railroad in the world---it's in New Jersey. So cool!)
We loved the tiny, detailed model railroad layouts. My favorite was this little building being demolished. The only difficult thing is that they're above eye level for small children, so we had to do a lot of lifting little people up to see---while trying to push a stroller through crowds---not easy. But still fun.
With your festival admission you get in to all the museums, too. There was an old caboose to climb in, which we liked. Also a huge model railroad layout, an old handcar to try out, and other cool stuff. It's not a huge museum, but there's an old car museum too, and if you also looked at all the outdoor trains I think it would be a pretty fun outing.
And we saw the Golden Spike!---well, one of the four golden spikes. It's in a safe.

Best of all, we liked seeing all the old locomotives outside the museum (which I think you can see anytime, without paying for the museum? Not sure, though). They were so huge! And powerful! Really fun to look at.
Locomotives all lined up

We also liked this huge snowplow
Marigold enjoying the train ride home
Sleepy bunny

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