Thursday, March 6, 2014

Diesel engines and Diesel-electric Locomotives

Seb's diesel engine diagram
Maybe if I'd ever been interested in cars, I would have known something about the internal combustion engine. But I haven't been, so this was all news to me. And as usual, once I begin to learn about something I start to see how interesting it is! I think the diesel engine is amazing!

It works much like the gasoline engine, but with much more air compression, so the fuel doesn't need a spark plug to make it ignite---it simply ignites when it comes in contact with the compressed (very hot!) air.
Ky's diagram---Abe's writing
Here's a great explanation of how the diesel engine works

Wonderful animations of diesel engines (you can slow them down and speed them up as desired)

Another animation of a diesel engine

A video explaining the diesel engine

Something a bit different---how locomotives are made

This old cartoon about How Diesel Engines Work is so awesome, I can't even describe it. We loved it! You have to watch it. Here's part I and part II.

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