Monday, March 3, 2014

Paper Train on Tracks

We liked the book Ultimate Trains a lot, and it contained some activity pages where you could copy and fold a paper train to run on tracks. I suppose it's copyrighted or we'd reproduce those pages here. Oh! Look, I found the pages online. Go here for the templates. They're easy and fun to make.

The book had several other activities (you can find them here) including building your own maglev!! which would have been amazing, but looked too hard for us to attempt on our own. We might have tried it if Sam had had more time to help us. Maybe we'll return to it someday!
The "flanges" were cleverly planned so the train could hug its pyramid-shaped tracks
We kept the little girls busy drawing fields of grass, trees, bunnies, and so forth while the boys were assembling the track (which was a bit too hard for the girls to do)---and all the children had fun adding details like railroad crossing arms (not sure why those are blocking the train tracks . . .), duck ponds, tunnels, etc. 
And a little barn and silo. So cute!

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