Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lake Solitude Hike

Off from Silver Lake, there are a couple trails leading off to other lakes. We've always wanted to explore them, so this week, with some fellow hike-loving friends to keep us company, we tried the Lake Solitude trail. It was just right for kids (10 of them, to be precise): not too steep, not too rocky, and not too long or tiring. Unless you were carrying a heavy baby. The leaves were beautiful---though, as Andrea said, you really have to go every other day or so if you want to see all the colors. The underbrush had already changed and some of the trees weren't quite ready to change---but anyway, what we saw was quite sufficiently beautiful!
We were lucky enough to see two moose! They were on the same side of the lake as last time, but this time they were in the water.You can see them both in this picture.

Eli forges ahead

After Miriam and Seb were done with the picture, Harriet figured out we were taking one, and smiled sweetly for it.

I love this. Children swarming on this rock like beetles.

I call this picture, "I, Cowen, have conquered this rock."

Nice pose, Emmeline

Aaa! So pretty I can't stand it.

Emerging from the forest into this gold light. Lovely.

A companionable rest.

We got to walk right under this ski lift, to great excitement among the group

The lake itself was really pretty. Only two of us fell in the mud.

Sweet Harriet was so cute on this rock. She's such a happy baby! But brace yourself, it gets cuter . . . 


We had such a great time. What a beautiful hike!

On the way out, this stand of red aspens caught my eye. These same aspens were orange and red last year, too! Is it their location that causes it, I wonder?

We were hurrying off to get to Abe's choir concert, but I kept wanting to stop on the way down and take pictures because it was SO beautiful. "Don't let me stop," I'd say to the children. "We're in a hurry." And then, while they all yelled, "No, no, don't stop!" at me, I'd say, ". . . Oh, I just can't resist!" 

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  1. I'm stealing all the pics they were so cute and/or beautiful! We had such a lovely time. Can't wait to hang out with your family again.


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