Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chocolate Leaves

As part of our leaf unit we made chocolate leaves. I guess I can't say it taught us that much, scientifically speaking, about leaves, but we did observe that some leaves worked better for this than others (we liked the rose leaves best, for just the right amount of stiffness, yet flexibility for peeling off). We also liked doing mint leaves because you don't have to peel them off. And it was a good cooking lesson. A chocolate leaf could make any cake more elegant!
We used the tutorial here (her leaves are gorgeous, with the different colors of chocolate!) and found it pretty straightforward---though our attempts resulted in a lot more broken and partly-peeled and half-formed leaves than hers seemed to. :) Still, we had enough good ones left to decorate some Sebby Cake, and the boys were happy to eat all the ugly ones. I had to put the leaves on while the cake was too hot (we were rushing off to take dinner to someone) so they melted a bit. But they were very pretty anyway! We'll make these again.

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