Sunday, September 23, 2012

Snowbird Tram

Another excursion we went on was to the Snowbird Tram, which we think about doing every Fall, but usually decide is too expensive. It was cheaper with me as the only adult (though we missed Sam!), and the youngest three were free, but it was still a lot of money. "Once in a lifetime!" I told the boys. :) We enjoyed it accordingly. The tram takes you up (over beautiful scenery) to the top of Hidden Peak, 11,000 feet up. It was interesting to see how scant the vegetation was way up there (hardly any trees!). On the peaks below we could see the elevation lines where various types of trees grew---this was too high for anything but conifers, and not many of them! 
The other tram (we were on the red one)

A few hardy wildflowers (Heartleaf arnica)


Guess who wanted to look over the edges of all the cliffs?

Tram mechanism (fascinating!)

Looking out

UPDATE: Everyone kept busy making their own trams out of various things at home for the next few weeks. Here are a couple of Sebby's:
The red and blue balls are the "trams" going along the yarn cable

Then he progressed to making paper cars that actually had doors, so he could put his tiny animals inside.

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