Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stratovolcano Model

I didn't really get great pictures of this, but it was fun---one of our books told us how to build "Mount Krispies, a stratovolcano." The idea is that you use the rice crispie treats recipe (we used the peanut butter kind because we like those best) to simulate ash and cinders (explosive eruptions), and melted chocolate to simulate lava flows (effusive eruptions). A stratovolcano, of course, is formed by both types of eruption. As we built up our volcano I made up a story about unsuspecting picnic-ers enjoying a lovely day on the mountain when they suddenly heard a rumbling . . . and so on. The children really loved that. :) We did a couple layers of each kind of eruption.
The result looked like this. (Abe insisted on adding some lava bombs to the outside.)

And inside, some nice composite layers like this!
We loved this project. So fun!

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