Saturday, September 22, 2012

Millcreek Hike

I usually post all my pretty Fall leaf pictures on my other blog, but I guess they'll go both places this time. These are pictures from our hike in Millcreek Canyon. You have to pay ($3) to go up Millcreek, which stopped us from going for a long time, but now that I know how great it is, I don't mind paying. It's so lovely---the road is smaller than in the other canyons (not a big highway) and you feel a lot closer to the trees. Sometimes you drive through big tunnels of trees, which I love. And, since you've paid to get in, all the picnic areas are free (I think---at least the ones I've seen), which makes it actually cheaper than the Cottonwoods, if you're picnicking.

Anyway, the leaves were gorgeous. The weather all week has been just beautiful. Perfect for a hike.
Meadow at the top

There was a big round platform by the restroom here. I don't know what it was for, but Daisy and Sebby made use of it in the obvious way (running around in circles).

We were looking for several things on this hike. Sap was one of them. Mission accomplished!

We also wanted to find seedlings and saplings. The kids were very pleased when they found trees the same height as themselves!

I tried and tried to get a picture of this pretty spiderweb. This one only sort of shows it.

Lovely backdrop for a picnic!

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