Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Water Blob and Wave Study

Our last day on water was focused on waves. We learned about how ocean waves get started, and some of their behaviors.  Because we'd enjoyed learning about water slides so much, we made sure to study artificial waves---in wave pools---too.

Here is a good explanation of wave pools (with video)
This video is awesome
We loved this site's information (you may recall we used the companion piece on water slides as well); they have great diagrams and clear explanations of what is going on

We filled up the bathtub and experimented with making different types of waves, using our hands, dropping in objects, blowing with straws, etc. (Here's a good place to start)

This video about how ocean waves develop was pretty good too.

There are some interesting ways to harness energy from waves and tides, which we read about in some of our library books (This one was probably the most informative on the subject)--but I think the information online is the most up-to-date.

Then, on to the water blob! This was such a fun way to observe waves in motion, and to experiment with their origins and their effects! I only wish our yard was flatter so we hadn't had to be bunched down at the bottom of the hill. But hearing Daisy say "I want to go play on the Bob!" for the next few days was adorable.

Here's the tutorial for the Water Blob. It's really simple and straightforward. The only challenge is keeping the duct tape from sticking to itself or to the wrong places---but we got better at that as we went. :)
Taping the sides
Filling the blob (we added blue food coloring; a little went a surprisingly long way!)

Junie was SO EXCITED when we put her on the blob. She widened her eyes and wrinkled up her nose and giggled and giggled. She kept looking over at me and laughing, like, "Can you believe this?!" The boys bounced her up and down, and she fell over and scrambled up again, and loved every minute. So cute!

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