Monday, October 6, 2014

Backyard Play

One of my favorite things about this unit was that the children were always putting on plays in their free time. They liked staging swordfight scenes, of course, but after we talked about soliloquies (here are some resources we used, in addition to reading the texts of some of the famous Shakespeare soliloquies) they started incorporating many existential questions about life into their plays as well. I loved it. Seb and Malachi spent a good hour planning and rehearsing this play in the backyard, which featured much walking about, gesturing, and talking about "what shall I do next? He seems sincere, but can I trust him? Can I trust myself? Ah, if only the way were clear!" It was all very philosophical. :)
Oh, there were moments of action too, of course. (They were pleased to have their newspaper swords.)
But there was also much internal conflict. 
And, as it contained something for every taste, the play was a smashing success!

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