Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Panda Bears and Panda Cupcakes

Who can resist a panda bear? We can't. When I was young, biologists believed pandas weren't true bears, but instead relatives of the raccoon. Now that classification has been re-evaluated through DNA testing, and all is right with the world: pandas ARE bears! We loved making these adorable cupcakes, as shown (to ultimate cuteness, of course) on Bakerella. (We just used a cake mix and our regular frosting recipe, but followed her decorating instructions. They're really easy to make.) Note that these are mini-cupcakes: if you make full-size ones, chocolate chips are too small to be the right size for the panda bear eyes.
I loved the range of personalities these little guys had. Seb and Abe made the funniest expressions on their faces!

With as popular as pandas are, there's no shortage of videos and resources. Here are some we liked:

Live Panda Bear Cam at the National Zoo
Perhaps the cutest video ever?: panda bears on a slide
This was so funny, and darling. We read a book about a wildlife preserve in China where the workers wear panda suits in order to keep the bears unaccustomed to humans. It's the same place where they have a panda kindergarten.
This panda kindergarten book telling about it was Daisy's absolute favorite. She wanted to read it over and over (she seemed to really identify with the little pandas—"They're in kindergarten, just like me!").

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