Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sword Fighting and Stage Combat

There's a ton to learn about Stage Combat, and, not being a Theater Person, I knew nothing about any of it, but we watched some interesting videos and read about how actors train and choreograph their fight scenes. The children really liked the idea of staged fights that looked real, and they were fascinated when I told them about fake blood and other special effects actors use. After we learned about it, I gave them yardsticks and told them to choreograph some swordfight scenes. And did they ever! It was pretty hilarious to watch what they came up with.
Abe also tried his hand at juggling. With little success. :) It's hard!
Malachi and Daisy trade insults. Honor demands they fight a duel!
Daisy falls dramatically, wounded.
And dies. What a sad, sad end!

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