Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cedar City Shakespeare Festival

Daisy and Juliet
Our final activity for this unit was a trip down to Cedar City to see a Shakespeare play! I was so happy that their Fall season wasn't quite over, and even happier that they had a school-group discount to some matinee performances! We even got to have a backstage tour. My sister-in-law, who lives in Cedar City, kindly agreed to watch the littlest girls for us, so we got to make a whole day of it and Sam even got to come! We saw "Twelfth Night" and loved it. Although we had read it and studied it and even watched movies of it, it's always so great to get to see an actual play come to life! There is nothing like live theater. It was a great experience.
While we waited for the play to start, we wandered around the campus and looked at the sort of "Globe-ish" outdoor theater---it's not really a replica, but it looks kind of like The Globe on the outside, and is arranged similarly. The children liked seeing it, anyway.
They also, of course, enjoyed walking around on the outdoor stage soliloquizing. During the summer months the Shakespeare Festival has Renaissance-style entertainment out in this area—musicians, jugglers, etc. Sometime we'll have to come back and see some of that.

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