Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crinkled Paper Bear Masks

Abe-bear, the King of the Bears

We had the best time making these masks, and I loved the way each one turned out different, depending on how closely spaced and crinkly the "fur" pieces were. Even Junie was able to do this activity, once I cut out the pieces of paper for her.

The original idea for this mask was a polar bear and used white tissue paper for the fur. We adapted it and just used thin brown packing paper which had come in a package, but the white is really cute too.

We used our bear masks several times throughout the unit, and especially when we wrote our story "Goldilocks and the Five Bears." Back when Daisy was a baby, Sam and I made some books of fairy tales for my mom for Christmas. We did The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. But now that we have an actual Goldie-locks, it felt like time to revisit the story, so the kids helped me write a new version. It turned out really cute (you can look through it here—I used Blurb, my favorite book-making platform), and the bear masks were an essential ingredient.
Daisy-bear and Junie-bear

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