Friday, November 22, 2013

Architects and One-Point Perspective Drawings

We learned about some of the things architects do, and talked about famous architects. We watched an artsy and beautifully-filmed documentary on Norman Foster (fascinating), and we watched the Ken Burns documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright. He had kind of a sad, but very interesting, life. It sparked some serious discussions with the older boys, and both movies, with their retrospective nature, made me do a lot of thinking about what patterns can be seen in my own life, and what they mean.

We talked about the difference between elevations, floor plans, and renderings, and then I asked Sam if he would teach a class on perspective drawing. (We drew floor plans on another day.) He showed us how to do one-point perspective. The boys got the idea pretty well, though getting all the lines right (even with a ruler) can be hard---especially when you're trying to do circles, etc.! Still, it was a useful art lesson and a good introduction to drafting and rendering.
I liked how Seb's looked with the added color. I love the leafy, Art-Nouveau-style stained-glass window by the door on that far wall!

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