Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elevator Model, and the Safety Elevator

Steel was an important advancement that made taller and taller skyscrapers possible, but equally important was the invention of the safety elevator by Elisha Otis. Tall buildings are not useful unless there are elevators to get people and equipment to the uppermost floors, and no one was willing to ride in elevators until a safety brake was invented! We made a model of an elevator (no safety brake, though!) which was pretty fun.
Arc de Triomphe is going up in this elevator
We absolutely loved this video, in which a guy makes his own model elevator and demonstrates how the safety brake works. I wish I knew how to just build things like this in my garage!

After learning about elevators, we have been noticing how many elevators still are made by the Otis Elevator company. Practically all of them! You can look for the "Otis" logo next time you ride an elevator.

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