Friday, November 8, 2013

Salt Lake First Presbyterian Church field trip

While we were visiting the Cathedral of the Madeleine, we saw the First Presbyterian Church across the street and saw that it, too, used elements of the Gothic Style. So we went in, unannounced, to ask if we could look around. The pastor and his secretary were really nice and let us look all around at the lovely stained glass and the interior rooms of the building.

As you'd expect, the Presbyterian church is a lot more simple and unadorned inside, but the stained glass is very fine, and the architectural details were interesting too. It was built around the same time as the Cathedral across the street. We were really glad we decided to go in.
And there were more gargoyles!
From outside.
And the East window from inside. You can read more about the stained glass here.
Love this Madonna and Child---so tender. And the colors in the "sky" are so delicate and marbled! I love the shapes on the branches behind---maybe blossoms, maybe birds.
We particularly liked this aisle full of scenes from the life of Christ. Here is the Good Shepherd.
The details in the stained glass are so remarkable. I love the tone of Jesus' skin and the expression in his eyes here. It's amazing to see this kind of artistry rendered in glass!

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