Friday, November 8, 2013

Cathedral of the Madeleine field trip

I was really excited for this field trip because we always drive by the Cathedral of the Madeleine, and I've heard lots of beautiful organ recitals broadcast from there on the radio, but I've never been inside! Our study of Gothic Cathedrals gave us a perfect reason to finally visit. This cathedral is not purely Gothic in style, of course---it's kind of a neo-Romanesque on the outside and a neo-Gothic style on the inside---but it has some great examples of elements from the Gothic style.

We called ahead to make sure we wouldn't be interrupting anything when we visited, and then when we got there we were the only ones inside, so we could look our fill. It is a gorgeous, gorgeous building. It has quite an interesting part in the history of Salt Lake City as well. You can read more about it and see old pictures here.
Magnificent tympanum above the front door (it took seven years to carve, we learned)
We often hear these bells ring in the tower when we are downtown
The boys were particularly excited to see some actual gargoyles! Although they don't serve as waterspouts here.
The rose window, from outside. Pretty, but not stunning.
The stunning view is from inside. Such vibrant colors in the stained glass! And this pipe organ is so beautiful, too! I love the carvings on the case. I have always wanted to attend a concert here, and maybe someday we actually will.
Lovely Gothic arches and delicate ribbing making up the vault. 
More beautiful stained glass, and paintings above the sanctuary
We especially liked the starry ceiling above the apse.
This was such a great place to visit! We're grateful the Cathedral Staff made us so welcome. We hope to return for a concert someday!

Here are some more really cool pictures of cathedral interiors.

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