Thursday, November 14, 2013

K'nex bridge set

I bought this K'nex Bridge Set for our architecture unit, hoping it would be fun enough to justify the expense. We have LOVED it and I'm so glad we bought it! (Hey, it's even on sale right now!) The children had tons of fun putting together all the different types of bridges, and it was a great hands-on illustration of how each type of bridge supports its load. The k'nex pieces hold together nicely and are quite sturdy---we had one of the tiny arms snap off of one segment, but there are enough extra pieces that it didn't matter. The instructions are fairly easy to follow, and when the bigger children helped the littler ones, everyone was able to participate. It worked quite well to have Seb and Daisy putting together one section, and Abe and Ky putting together another at the same time.
Arch bridge
We especially liked the way this bascule bridge actually moved up and down!
Cable-stayed bridge
Cantilever bridge
Truss Bridge
Suspension bridge

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