Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gothic Architecture, Cathedrals, and Rose Window craft

This was one of the coolest crafts we've done! We got the idea from here and since we had a bunch of old CDs lying around, I thought it sounded like the perfect use for them. We looked at pictures of rose windows and talked about radial symmetry and some of the symbolic patterns and numbers that the craftsmen of the time wove into their work. 

We watched this movie about rose windows, and also really liked this NOVA special on cathedrals.

If you've never tried it, you may not realize how fun it is to draw on CDs with Sharpies. Especially for my children, who are never, never allowed to use my Sharpies! :) We had so much fun doing it that we made several "rose windows" each, and we thought the nicest-looking ones were the ones that used a lot of black to define the edges of the pattern.

After we colored our windows, we glued some of them to paper and drew Cathedrals around them. We also set several on a windowsill and enjoyed the way the sunlight came through. They are not quite like actual stained glass, but they definitely let some light through and are beautiful. We also thought it was so cool how an image of the window pattern was reflected onto the wall when we tilted the CD in the sunlight just right!
Note the apostles (not quite 12 of them) above Malachi's cathedral entrance---and the spitting gargoyle on our right

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