Monday, November 25, 2013

Fallingwater models

We should have actually called these houses "Fallingcracker" or "Fallingfrosting", but they are models of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous house, Fallingwater. Can you see the resemblance? :)
I hate to be so predictable, but this is one of my favorite houses too. I know some people think it's overpraised or whatever, but it's just so beautiful. I would love to live there or even visit there.

This is an easy craft. I just made frosting (2 T. melted butter, a pound of powdered sugar, add milk until it's the right consistency), gave the children a stack of graham crackers and some pictures for reference, and let them have at it. They had lots of fun. And they saw firsthand how cantilevers need counterweights to hold them up!
We had fun.

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