Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paint-chip City Skylines

I found this image showing city skylines using paint chips, so we decided to try it. The paint chips I had weren't very long, so if I were doing this again I might go in search of longer, more vertically-oriented paint chips, but ours worked fine. We talked about cities and how skylines change over time, and watched this video of the growth of a city.

I told the children they could make any types of buildings they wanted, real or imagined. :)
Seb's city is on a hill, which is why there are those houses up above the skyline in the distance. There's a suspension bridge in the foreground.
I like Abe's space-needle-like tower
Daisy's skyline, with sun and moon
Malachi's skyline, with one unimaginably huge tower, and a rocket blasting off above.

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